Lectura, escritura y democracia de la cultura: experiencias con la creación literaria

Amando López Valero, Isabel Jerez Martínez


It is our aim in this article to portray a line of thought related to the fundamental character of the use of language in the development of current societies. We need to take into consideration literary creation, which through the use of reading and writing allows the democracy of culture to arise. We can see the combination of instrumental abilities and different thought due to the fact that if we combine both of them we may provide people with better competences in their lives.Literary creation will be the topic depicted in this article as a medium of social and cultural transformation. Relevant experiences will be referend to which corroborate this argument.


Palabras clave

cultura; lectura; escritura; creación literaria; aprendizaje permanente

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15645/Alabe.2010.2.2