Las aulas de lectura: una propuesta global para el fomento de la lectura en/desde la Universidad

Manuel Ángel Vázquez Medel


To read, in a communication-based, knowledge-based society, is to have acquired the necessary competencies to interpret the life world. Multimodal practices (verbal texts, images, etc.) find themselves at the very centre of the process of transhumanization that we initiate. We propose that the Universities, committed as they are to the transformation and improvement of society, should offer – from their Lecture(i.e. Reading) Rooms – stable, dynamic proposals aimed at encouraging reading within the university community (students, Administration and Service Personnel, professors), in the form of shared readings, extended to  the university setting in general through a team of reading volunteers.


Palabras clave

lectura; universidad; sociedad; prácticas lectoras; formación

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