Leyendo el sur. A propósito del libro Cantes al Amorsillega de Ginés Liébana

Bartolomé Delgado Cerrillo


Through the poems of the book Cantes al Amorsillega by Ginés Liébana, we will traverse the most important verses of flamenco, emphasizing the personal interpretation that the author gives us and explaining his relation with the significance of the poetical forms and the images which he uses to illustrate them. This book merit integration into formal education as a cultural product. And it is valuable not only as carrier of anthropologic, sociological, choreographic, musical, poetical and historical contents, but also as compendium of the cultural stereotypes that characterizes Andalusian cultural identity.

Palabras clave

Poesía; pintura; comentario de textos; educación literaria; didáctica

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15645/Alabe.2011.3.3